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Special Offer:

Haven for Hunger Free Oil Change

At our shop in Peabody MA, local residents can get 1 free oil change per year per car with a suggested $20+ donation to the Haven from Hunger. Help support a great cause!

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not sure what's wrong? Don't stick your car in the shop... have us come to you!

We Come to You. ASE Certified. Friendly Service. Mechanics on Salary.

  • We Come to You
  • We Pay our mechanics salary - so they have no reason to upsell repairs
  • Only $39.99 and counts as the first 1/2hr of labor for any repair

Available Services With Your Checkup



Don't get stuck with a dead battery. Have The Driveway Doctors run a diagnostic stress test on your battery to make sure it will keep you going. 



Streaks on the windshield? We carry standard wipers and Blade wipers - your preference, easy on-site install.



Is your tire pressure light on? Driving with under-inflated tires can cut gas mileage by over 10%. Have us check it out first. 



If your steering is off center or you are noticing uneven wear on your tires, have us check the alignment.



Your check engine light is not the enemy. We make it easy - have us check out the problem before it turns into something worse. If your car seems to be "running fine" the light can often be emissions related - and that means if you keep driving you could end up with an expensive repair such as the catalytic converters rather than a relatively inexpensive O2 sensor.



Even vehicle tires hate being in the same place for a long time. Rotating your tires promotes uniform tread wear, provides safer handling in wet weather, and extends the life of your tires.



Helping you keep your vehicle going is only part of what we’re about. We also want to make sure you can safely stop when you need to. If you hear squeaking or grinding, or if your vehicle vibrates on braking or pulls to one side, our free car diagnostic test can help you determine whether they’re safe or need to be replaced. Let us remove all four wheels to check pad wear, measure rotors and drums and check all the related fluids.

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