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Haven for Hunger Free Oil Change

At our shop in Peabody MA, local residents can get 1 free oil change per year per car with a suggested $20+ donation to the Haven from Hunger. Help support a great cause!

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Didn't have time for brake service? You do now

Stopping is the most important thing your car can do.

We are more than convienent. We're specialists. You want to stop every time, all the time. We are ASE Certified brake specialists who do more brake repairs than any other mobile repair service. If you don't feel confident in your brakes, give us a call. You don't even have to leave your home or office. We come out, diagnose the issue, and repair it on site.


We're certified. We're fully insured. We know brakes.

Call Us At: (781) 343-2340


Brake Maintenance

Brake checks are an important part of your vehicle servicing requirements, so we recommend that you have your brakes inspected periodically and not just when you have your annual inspection. If you tend to use your car mainly for short journeys for instance, it is likely that you will wear the brakes down quicker than if the car is used predominantly for longer trips. It is important for everyone to be able to spot the most common tell-tale signs of when your brake pads are in need of changing or repair. 

The two most common signs of brake wear are:

  • A grinding noise - this usually suggests that the brake pads have reached the minimum thickness. It is advisable that you contact The Driveway Doctors to have your brakes checked and suitably repaired.
  • Pull to the left or right when braking - this normally indicates there could be an issue with the brake caliper or hydraulics.


Brake Checks

Our on-site brake check service gives a clear picture of the condition of your vehicle's brakes, whether you need new brake pads, brake rotors or if the braking system itself is in need of repair. All elements are inspected against the manufacturer's specification, which means The Driveway Doctors will help you get your brakes back to the most efficient standard.


At The Driveway Doctors, we stock brakes to fit the widest selection of cars and light commercial vehicles, so when your brakes need attention you are never very far away from the solution. We all understand the importance of keeping your braking system working at its optimum level, so why not call in to The Driveway Doctors today for your free brake check. Terms and conditions may apply, ask the service manager for details.

Driveway Doctors Coverage Area

Some service areas may require a mileage fee.


Repair by Make

  • Chevrolet Brakes
  • Ford Brakes
  • Dodge Brakes
  • Toyota Brakes
  • Honda Brakes
  • Nissan Brakes
  • Pontiac Brakes
  • Jeep Brakes
  • BMW Brakes
  • GMC Brakes
  • Chrysler Brakes
  • Mercedes Benz Brakes
  • Mazda Brakes
  • Volkswagen Brakes
  • Buick Brakes
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Repair by Model

  • Honda Accord Brakes
  • Ford F-150 Brakes
  • Toyota Camry Brakes
  • Honda Civic Brakes
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Brakes
  • Ford Explorer Brakes
  • Nissan Maxima Brakes
  • Ford Taurus Brakes
  • Ford Ranger Brakes
  • Chevrolet Blazer Brakes
  • Dodge Ram 1500 Brakes
  • Nissan Altima Brakes
  • Pontiac Grand Am Brakes
  • Chevrolet S10 Brakes
  • Toyota Corolla Brakes
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Repair by Type

  • Brake Repairs
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Repair Car Brakes
  • Brake Service
  • Pads and Rotors Repaired
  • Grinding Brakes on Car
  • Mobile Brake Repair
  • Brake Rotors Replaced
  • BMW Brake Repair
  • Brake Line Repair
  • Brake Caliper Repair
  • ABS Repair
  • ABS Sensor
  • Brake Shoes Repaired
  • Brake Drums Repaired
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